General Questions 

How long will it take for me to receive my order? 

All purchases from Cloudvocal will be shipped by DHL. The package should arrive within 5 working days. However, due to unpredictable factors such as peak season (Christmas etc.) or delayed flight. It may also take up to 7 – 10 working days for customers to receive the goods.

Once you receive the tracking number (will be updated in the system). You can track the package from the following link:

Please note: If you are looking for an update shipping status after the package leave Cloudvocal. We would suggest you to directly contact the courier. 

Tax, Import Duties, and VAT 

Cloudvocal is not responsible for any cost that is derivative due to shipping destination’s tax regulation. By making the purchase from Cloudvocal website, you automatically agree that you will be responsible for any taxes, import duties or VAT cost.

Can Cloudvocal ship to my address?

Please provide your intend shipping address in detail to We will have our staff to check and get back to you within 2 working days (Holiday & weekend excluded). 

Warranty Policy 

For Cloudvocal warranty policy, please check here.

Difficulties of making payment – No PayPal account 

PayPal is just a platform that Cloudvocal is using to collect payments. You DO NOT need to have a PayPal account to make a purchase. Credit card is accepted. 

Difficulties of making payment - Can not pay

Please make sure that your browser enable pop-up. Because it may be the browser that is blacking the pop-up function.

Difficulties of making payment - Operating PayPal 

Please follow the below steps:

Step 1: Select Pay with Debit or credit card 

Step 2: Enter email and continue with payment 

Step 3: Complete the payment 

Obtain after sales service 

If you need any assistance in terms of product operation. You can check the FAQ prior contacting us. The information there may assist you. If you can’t find a solution and need more support. Please provide the following information to 



Please note Cloudvocal will take no further action if the above required information is missing.

Email Sent, Haven't heard back from Cloudvocal

Under most circumstance, customer should receive a reply within 3 working days (Holidays & weekend excluded). However, due to cases can be different and may require more technical analytics and support. Sometimes, it will take up to 5 working days for Cloudvocal to respond.