Noise Isolating Earphones


How to Purchase?

Wearing the EC-5 correctly

Please follow the diagram to wear the EC-5.

How to Replace Cable?

The length of the cable provided by CLOUDVOCAL is 51". If the length does not meet your needs, you can purchase other cable to replace it.

Cable specifications: “2-pin earphones cable"

Reminder: CLOUDVOCAL Is not responsible for any problems caused by cable replacement

Features of EC-5 Isolating earphones

1. Balanced tuning

In majority of cases, most earphones on the market have been tuned for a its own purpose. For example, gaming earphones will enhance its low and high frequency to provide the better experience when users are playing games. However, when it comes to performing & recording, we need the sound to be neutral and get it deliver to the players correctly.
Hence, EC-5’s priority is to focuses on the balancing of sound and make sure there’s no additional tuning. And ensure users can hear their natural and real sound.

2. Sound insulation

A good performance or an outstanding recording piece required a balance sound of each instrument. To achieve, clearly hearing yourself and other’s playing is very crucial. To prevent sound bleed, a good isolating earphone is a must, and this is one of the values EC-5 can offer.
During the design phase, Cloudvocal did make sure sound can be insulated while also providing the comfortability of the earphones and most importantly protect user’s hearing.

3. Changeable earbuds

Under different circumstances the pursue may also differ. And EC-5 have it prepared. there are two materials of earbuds for selection:

  • Foam adapters: Enhance the sound insulation

  • Silicon adapters: focuses on the comfortability

Both of them offers three sizes for user to choose from.


Being user friendly while integrating different functions to provide the best music playing and recording experience is the vision of Cloudvocal. EC-5 is one of the components to complete the vision. We do hope ISOLO users can gain a better experience with it.