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AR1 | Quick start guide

Opearting questions

Record - Connecting AR1 (IOS device)

See this FAQ for more details.

Record - Noise in the recording

See this FAQ for more details.

Record - backing/instrument sound is too loud

See this FAQ for more details.

Record - Only mic sound is captured

Most of the time if only background or environment sound is captured and did not capture the mic sound it is because the AR1 wasn’t connected. Please check if the AR1 indicator light is on purple (If it is on purple, it means AR1 is recognized by the iPhone). If not:

1. Please quit the camera app and remove the AR1 recorder

2. Reconnect the AR1 and check if the light turns purple

Monitor – Can’t hear the mic / background music

Please follow the below steps to examinate

Use the microphone to capture a sound source and check if it can be heard on the headphone

  • If the sound is at a very low level, please check volume knob and try to turn the volume to a higher level and see if it works

  • If the mic is working properly, please try another 3.5mm audio cable and check if the issue is with the cable

If the above two steps don’t work, please contact for more assistance

Monitor – hearing noise and adjust

If you heard the noise floor when you turn the volume up while using the AR1.
It is because the noise floor was lifted when you turn up the volume, this will not affect your recording or playing on the amp/speaker. Suggest solution is to turn down the headphone volume.
If the noise still appears after turning down the volume, please contact for more assistance.

AR1 connected, app unexpectedly quit

< IOS device >

When AR1 is connected but cannot perform the recording function, and the camera app will automatically quit after few seconds. It may be the app issue. Please follow the step below to resolve

  • Step 1: Turn off and remove the AR1 and also remove the related cables

  • Step 2: Restart your mobile iPhone

  • Step 3: Turn on the AR1 – plug the cables – connect to iPhone (screen remain 

  • Step 4: Turn on the camera app – switch to recording function, check if the AR1 
light turns to purple

Note: please do not remove AR1 in the middle of recording. iPhone will obfuscate the sound source and caused the result of hiss sound or not able to record.

How to connect the AR1 Recorder to ISOLO and amp/speaker?

See this FAQ for more details.

Mobile device compatibility

Android device | How to connect to AR1

See this FAQ for more details.


Charging necessary for AR1?

Yes, AR1 needs to be charged before using. 2 hours charging can last to 5 hours usage. <more information>

How do I know the remaining power of the AR1 recorder?

Blue: power > 80%

Green: power 80% - 30%

Red: power < 30%

Can I use Bluetooth headphone/monitor?

No, Cloudvocal will not recommend another wireless device (including Bluetooth headphone/monitor) to be used along with ISOLO device.

Can I use ANY wire headphone/monitor?

No, because not every headphone/monitor has the isolating function. 
Which during the recording process it may cause the issue of sound bleed. However, a qualify isolating headphone/monitor will work. Cloudvocal also offers our own: < EC – 5 Noise Isolating Earphones >

Compatibility of AR1

  • For Android users please kindly check if the OTG function can be activated 
on your device. And the app you intend to use has the function of selecting 
external sound source.

  • For IOS users there should be no compatibility issue.

  • For IPAD OS, due to the software difference. The connectivity may be not 
stable, we will suggest to use an external adaptor to increase the 

Can I use AR1 with third party devices?

Please note that the signal impedance of AR1 was designed for ISOLO system. Therefore, we would suggest connect to ISOLO device for the best user experience.
Theoretically AR1 can be plugged to any 6.3mm device. However, any hiss or unexpected sound is not cover under Cloudvocal’s service range.

Undulate sound when backing play through AR1 to speaker and monitor. But it is fine when playing through Laptop/PC

When the backing Is in stereo format and play through ISOLO. ISOLO will automatically output it as MONO source and some of the signal will be canceled and added together. Suggestion:

  1. Directly plug the ISOLO + AR1 to the speaker/amp, do not connect to another mixer to avoid the signal add and cancel

  2. Try another backing soundtrack