Antenna Socket Service Program

ISOLO Antenna Socket Service Program

Cloudvocal has determined that a certain batch production of the stage receivers' antenna socket in ISOLO PRIME, ISOLO CHOICE models may exhibit following issues:

  • Unable to hold reasonable torque thus result in breakage

  • Unable to tighten antenna back to the receiver

Cloudvocal and our authorized distributors, dealers will service eligible ISOLO PRIME, ISOLO CHOICE, free of charge.

Self check the antenna socket

Most cases look like the picture above, which the socket fell off from the joint.

Eligible Models

To identify your ISOLO and to see if it is eligible for this program. Please check your purchase date (a proof of purchase is required).

Eligible models:

  • ISOLO CHOICE Series ( Saxophone, Violin, Guitar)

  • ISOLO PRIME - Winds Wireless System

These models purchased after 2020 are all covered and eligible for free replacement with the socket issue.

*ISOLO LITE / ISOLO GT-10 and the other newly launched models after 2021 are using strengthened antenna sockets thus will be problem free!

Service Process

Step 1. Contact point of purchase

  • If your unit was purchased at Cloudvocal official website. Report a problem

  • Purchased from Cloudvocal authorized distributors/dealers. Find a store

Step 2. Receive a replacement unit from your point of purchase
The service processing time may vary depending upon the availability of replacement parts or the logistic capacity at the moment.

Step 3. Return your damaged unit.
Cloudvocal will prepare a prepaid label for you to return the damaged unit back free.

*For customer purchased from authorized distributors/dealers. Due to the return policy may differ from each distributors/dealers. Please contact the original point of purchase for further return information.

Note: Cloudvocal will not be held liable to any party for damages that result from the failure of the products. Damages include, but are not limited to : lost profits, lost savings, damage to other devices or equipment.